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Level 2 (Intermediate) Clinical Hypnosis Courses

These courses will be ASCH approved Level 2 Intermediate Courses.  They are designed to enhance your skills and to increase confidence with integrating clinical hypnosis into your practice.  Clinical applications will be discussed and demonstrated and there will be several opportunities for supervised practice.  They will be based on the most recent Standards of Education published by ASCH.  The Level 2 courses are 20 hours of content and is usually scheduled over three days.  It is a requirement that you have had an ASCH approved Level 1 (Basic) training prior to attending one of these Level 2 courses.  Below you will see current offerings.  If I don't have anything listed, I currently don't have anything scheduled.  If  you would like to set up training in your area, please contact me to discuss opportunities.   If you would like an 'enhancing your skills' conference in a full day only, please check out my advanced offerings as some of them also could qualify for Level 2 topics. 

These are online Level 2, 20 hour Clinical Hypnosis Courses scheduled for three full days.

Register now as these are limited courses and will be first come, first serve. Maximum of 6-8 participants unless more group facilitators can be secured if interest.

This will be an ASCH approved course and the schedule of content is based on the newest Standards of Training published by ASCH.  Click here for more info: 

The course will primarily be taught by Wendy Lemke but there will be another faculty to assist with practice groups. 

Participants will be limited, so register now to secure your spot. ASCH credit but no additional CEU's available.

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