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Ego State Therapy
Foundations Courses I&II.

Help your clients access the resources they need to resolve internal conflicts and manage emotions

These courses are designed and approved to count towards certification hours through Ego State Therapy North America (ESTNA), and Ego State Therapy International (ESTI).  Wendy is the North America Representative to ESTI and one of a few U.S. approved trainers through ESTI. Wendy has worked close with Maggie Phillips to develop the U.S. foundations course based on ESTI's standards. The first 20 hour course is also approved for 20 hours of ASCH advanced credit hours.  Other CEU approval will have to be sought independently.  

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What is the Ego State Foundations Course?  It is a curriculum of basic EST training divided into two sections with the first 20 hours focusing on all the fundamentals of Ego State Therapy from theory, identifying and accessing ego states, to a variety of therapeutic applications including ego strengthening, affect regulation, and developmental repair. The second 28 hours focuses on much more depth and enhancing EST skills. 


Ego State Therapy is an approach that recognizes the multiplicity within us all.  You don't have to be a therapeutic genius because the approach realizes the 'genius' is within our clients.  Our clients have all they need to resolve conflicts, manage their emotions, and to move from surviving to thriving.  They just need you to help them access their internal resources and teach them how to utilize them for optimal functioning. EST is an effective, relational, well-paced approach that changes symptoms into solutions and one that is absolutely necessary when working with trauma and dissociative disorders.

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