You're Not Crazy & You're Not Alone:  Inside the Inner World of Dissociative Identity Disorder

You're Not Crazy & You're Not Alone are comforting words to individuals with dissociative identity disorder, (D.I.D.).  This video captures the essence of those words by explaining the adaptive nature of D.I.D. from an ego-state theoretical framework and by giving viewers the opportunity to hear from the 'real' experts, those with the disorder.
Six courageous individuals diagnosed with D.I.D. and a few of their partners, including Robert Oxnam, author of "A Fractured Mind, My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder", and his wife, Vishakha share their experiences, artwork, and poetry, so that you can learn about D.I.D. from their perspective and how treatment has created a window of hope for them.



You're Not Crazy & You're Not Alone:  Inside the Inner World of Dissociative Identity Disorder

You're Not  Crazy & You're Not Alone" is an excellent and compelling video.  D.I.D. is explained in a clear fashion that can be readily understood by those with D.I.D., their friends and loved ones, professionals and members of the general public.  I especially recommend it for anyone new to the diagnosis."

Colin A. Ross, M.D.
Author, Dissociative Identity Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Treatment of Multiple Personality, Second Edition, 1997.
Past President, International Society for the Study of Dissociation

I never understood how my mom's moods and personality could change so drastically at times. This DVD has truly been a gift, I understand D.I.D. a little better each time I watch, 3 times so far, and I will watch it again!

Teresa, seventeen year old whose mother has D.I.D.

You’re Not Crazy & You’re Not Alone” is a valuable tool for use in educational and training programs to introduce dissociation and its effects to professionals of all disciplines and other workers providing health, mental health and social care support services.  The personally lived experiences brings to life the dry text book facts and theories about dissociation and D.I.D.

Kathryn Livingston BSC(Hons), Chairperson & Trainer, First Person Plural--United Kingdom national survivor led association for dissociative survivors of abuse & trauma and their allies.

Thank you for this DVD. My entire family watched it with me last night and it was as helpful to them as it was to me. Your DVD sponsors more than information, it provides a sense of community within a compassionate and understanding framework. Abuse occurs in isolation, recovery shouldn't. Thank you and all of the special people in your video for making recovery more open for us all.


Terrific, informational and wise, and the title is accurate--- I no longer feel so alone!

Lisa, Woman diagnosed with D.I.D.