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Gift a vacation or a good night's sleep!  Changed Prices for Holidays to reflect 40% discount!

I don't have gift cards set up, so to give a self-recording gift:  you either forward the downloadable link (Remember it will only stay open for a few days so make sure you let the recipient know about the gift) or you submit their email address so that the download link will go to them directly.


Reduce tension, manage stress, improve sleep, escape on mental vacations.

These recordings will guide you into a pleasant self-hypnotic trance.  They should be used when you are in a comfortable place where you can close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported into a state of relaxation or sleep.  Also, very beneficial when you need a mental vacation from stress.   

Given we are in a pandemic, the popular self-hypnotic vacations are a wonderful way to escape without having to get on a plane or pack a suitcase.   Look for more vacations to come!

Extremely useful for reducing tension, anxiety, improving sleep and for shutting off negative thoughts.  You'll find more information on the use of each recording by clicking on each.

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