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Educational Services

Wendy is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience, and skills with others whether it is teaching or consulting.  She has consultees around the globe and has taught throughout the United States and several countries, including: Australia, Japan, England and Canada.  She is now offering more online courses, expanding opportunities to learn. If you are interested in booking a presentation, workshop, or want more information, please contact her.  She will set up a course for your organization's needs.  Her schedule fills up quickly so please plan ahead.  Below are courses she's currently offering or hosting through Lemke Counseling & Consulting but she also teaches for several other organizations.

Click on the following offerings below to learn more about each course and click on the 'Book Now' to register for specific courses. 

Above the Clouds

Travel Adventure Courses

You work hard, why not combine work with play. Travel to adventurous destinations while learning and expanding your personal and/or professional skills. Click below to see what's coming next:

Computer Software Guidance

Ego State Therapy Courses

Wendy is an approved trainer through Ego State Therapy International (ESTI) and offers Training for beginners, intermediate, or advanced.  Click below for information on current courses.


Clinical Hypnosis courses

Wendy is a fellow and an approved consultant through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced hypnosis courses. Click below for information on current courses.

Conference Meeting

I'll Come to You! Custom Training opportunities

Have an organization or group that want training in your location?  Sometimes the elevated cost of bringing someone in is cheaper than flying everyone out! Click below to learn more. 

Custom Training

Training Schedule

Current 2023 Schedule

Jan 17-Feb 21st, Online- Ego State Therapy Foundation Course I.
Feb 21st, Hosting Online Webinar with Sandra Paulsen on Ego State Therapy and EMDR
Feb 23-25, Online Level 2 Hypnosis Course
Mar 2-5th, ASCH Annual Conference in Jacksonville, FL
Mar 1st-Apr 26th, Online- Ego State Therapy Foundation Course II.  
April 28-30th, Level 1 Hypnosis Course/ISSTD in Washington D.C.
June 6-10, Advanced EST Course, Alnwick England
Aug 23, Hosting Online Course, EST & Body Wisdom with Silvia Zanotta
October 20-22, Level 2 Hypnosis Course/ISSTD in Washington D.C.

Current 2022 Schedule 

Jan 21-23 (Online), Level 2 Clinical Hypnosis Course 
Jan 26th (Online), Mar 2nd Ego State Therapy Foundation Course  
Mar 5th (Online), ASCH Annual Conference 
Mar 25-27 (Online), Level 1 Hypnosis Course
Mar 30th Seattle, ISSTD Annual Conference and Preconference (Level 1 Hypnosis)
April 6-May 25th, (Online) Foundations EST Course 2  
Jun 9-11 Washington D.C., ISSTD Level 2 Hypnosis Course 
July 27th-Aug 31 (Online) Foundations EST Course
October 9-18th, South Africa, World Congress of Ego State Therapy
November 14th, (Online) Hypnotic Idea Exchange, North Carolina
December 1-3, (Online) Level 1 Hypnosis Course

2021 Schedule

Feb 3rd - Mar 10th:                                *Ego State Therapy Foundations Course

Aug 5-8, Anchorage, AK:                        *Clinical Hypnosis Training (Level 1)

Aug 8, Anchorage, AK:                           *Enhance Your Hypnotic Skills (Advanced)

Sept 1, Online, 6 pm US CTZ                  Australia Webinar (Title TBA)

Sept 10, Online Zoom Mt                       Alaska Regional Community of ISSTD

Sept 14 - Oct 26, Online                         *Ego State Therapy Foundations Course

Oct 15 -17, Washington D.C.                 ISSTD Clinical Hypnosis (Level 1 training) 

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