Ego State Therapy Course Offering:
June 5-9th, 2023

Adventure & Educational Courses

Attend an educational offering at Alnwick Castle, learn while staying in an 11th Century Castle, home of the Duke & Dutchess of Northumberland, or stay nearby at a lovely hotel  in the quaint town of Alnwick, England. 


Space is limited so register to secure your spot soon! This training is set up with balance in mind so that you also have time to enjoy the beautiful area.

Alnwick Ego State Adventure
Approximate Course Time Schedule 
Mon. 1-5 pm
Tues. 9-4:30
Wed. Leisure
Thur. 9-4:30
Fri. 9-12:30

Schedule and specific Course Content subject to change.

Primary presenter:
Wendy Lemke

*with potential for additional guest speaker(s) if interest allows.

The EST Course track will be primarily taught by Wendy Lemke. You can click below for her bio. and click below for more course and castle info.  

*Depending on size of class Wendy may have assistance for some class sections.  

Take a course and enjoy some time to explore the castle grounds, setting of many film productions including Harry Potter and Downton Abbey, enjoy a Coastal Castle tour or visit nearby Edinburgh, Scotland.
*Course options are available with or without accommodations.





Accommodations at Alnwick Castle are basically student housing with updated mattresses and pillows; although adventurous, it is not a spa! The rooms do not include bathrooms, but have access to a community bathroom nearby. The castle is also the home of the Duke and Dutchess of Northumberland, thus there are restricted areas for security and privacy reasons. If you prefer more luxurious, less adventurous housing, click on the local hotels below for more options.

pic town ad1.png

Castle rooms are limited thus reserve your spot soon! Rooms are meant to be shared with two twin beds, however there are a few 'single' rooms available for a higher price. Please book soon to get the type of lodging you prefer.  

Nearby Airports

The nearest airport is Newcastle but Edinburgh, Scotland is only a few hours away as well if you have better flight options there. Both have train and bus options to Alnwick. Alnwick is approximately six hours from London.

location of rooms.jpg
toilets and showers.jpg

Fees and Other Registration Information

Alnwick Castle Accommodations per person for a shared room with two twin beds:

castle room fees.jpg

You can request a single room but it will be an additional $45/35 Euros per night and there are only a few single rooms, thus make your request/deposit soon to secure what type of room you want.  

*Fees above include room only (meals will be on your own and/or a minimal fee will be added for breakfast if it is included. You will need to make your own arrangements for flight and transportation.  

If you would like a shared room but do not have someone traveling with you, please contact Wendy via email to get put on a list of participants who want to share. 

Note the following:

*Guests per room cannot exceed bed availability

*All guests receive access to the SCSU WiFi & Entrance into the Alnwick Castle tourist areas and the Alnwick Gardens

*The prices for rooms below are the total for the stay based on per/night prices above. Fees subject to change based on any add-ons, and additional nights will have to be arranged with Wendy based on availability.

Secure your course spot and your room(s) for $100 deposit each.  Please register for the course AND also reserve your Castle spot unless you are booking accommodations on your own. These deposits are fully refundable minus 10% admin. fee until Feb. 1st, . Make sure you book the accommodations for your course time frame.

*These deposits are fully refundable minus 10% admin. fee until Feb. 1st, 2023. Please book travel insurance or flexible flight options just in case the Castle, myself, or you need to cancel for any reason.