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Cancellation Policy for 'In Person' courses


I apologize that I can not offer a full refund for all courses cancelled any time.  Given the courses are limited for participants, I depend on commitments for course planning/travel arrangements and may have turned others away.  I can however offer the following:

Full Refund (minus 10% processing fee) if cancelling two months prior to course or if course needs to be cancelled due to CDC/government regulations anytime. 

50% Refund if cancelling at least one month prior to course.

You may transfer your registration, if you can find a replacement. 

*For advanced hypnosis 'in person' courses only, if you have to cancel last minute due to medical/family emergencies, I will authorize credit (minus 20% admin. fee) for any future course that does not have a participant limit such as advanced offerings or towards an online Foundation EST course.

Cancellation Policy for 'online' courses

Full Refund (minus 10% processing fee) if cancelling at least two months prior to course.


50% Refund if cancelling at least one month prior to course.​

No Refund for cancellations one month or less prior to the course.  Credit (minus a 20% admin. fee) will be given for a future 'online' course with no participant limit or a course with openings if cancelling for medical/family emergency.


Wendy will offer a full refund if she needs to cancel or postpone for any reason.
*              *Wendy reserves the right to cancel your individual registration for a full refund for any reason prior or during the training,
                 particularly if she believes it's detrimental to you or to the training. 

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