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Ego State Therapy

Wendy Lemke is an approved Ego State Therapy (EST) trainer through Ego State Therapy International (ESTI) and the co-founder of Ego State Therapy North America (ESTNA).  She teaches courses that are approved through ESTNA and ESTI for credit towards EST certification. Even if you are not pursuing certification in EST, you will definitely enhance your therapy skills by taking an EST foundation course. The course is highly recommended by others, (see testimonials below) and often therapists  with previous training in IFS, EMDR, and/or others report that this has been the missing piece in their treatment toolbox for trauma and they wished they would have started here.  Wendy offers Foundation Courses online, advanced online courses and webinars, sometimes featuring other popular ESTNA approved presenters, and also occasionally has in-person 'Adventure' courses which incorporate exciting travel experiences with EST educational opportunities. 

3D Face Parts
3D Face Parts

Ego State Therapy Foundational Courses Online

Ego State Therapy is an approach that recognizes the multiplicity within us all.  You don't have to be a therapeutic genius because the approach realizes the 'genius' is within our clients.  Our clients have all they need to resolve conflicts, manage their emotions, and to move from surviving to thriving.  They just need you to help them access their internal resources and teach them how to utilize them for optimal functioning in a safe and manageable way. EST is an effective, relational, respectfully-paced approach that changes symptoms into solutions and one that is necessary when working with trauma and dissociative disorders.


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Advanced Ego State Therapy Courses

These courses are for those mental health care providers who want to increase their knowledge and skills with very specialized applications for Ego State Therapy. These courses are open to anyone with some prior Ego State Therapy training/knowledge. It is helpful if you have had the first Foundations Course but not necessary if you have some other prior EST training. Clinical Hypnosis training is also helpful but not required for these courses.


*ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) approved training/equivalent is required eventually for those pursuing EST certification.

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