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Interweaving Ego State Therapy within the Eight Phases of EMDR: Releasing vs Feathering the Brakes

Join us for Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D.

This is an advanced course which assumes you have had some training in Ego State Therapy and also have EMDR training.

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Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D.

February 21st, 5 to 8 pm CTZ

Join us on Feb. 21st from 5 to 8 pm Central Time Zone for Sandra Paulsen's webinar on integrating EMDR and Ego State Therapy. This is approved for 3 Advanced Credit hours towards ESTNA certification.  

Sessions should be attended 'video on', to get ESTNA credit. It will be recorded and viewing link available for limited time.

One of the most challenging aspects for EMDR trained clinicians is how to use EMDR with complex cases.  Such deal breakers as protective aspects of self which don’t permit access to deep conflicts, or loyalty to the aggressor, or disoriented child states all can serve to derail EMDR processing. When this happens it can deter the client from doing trauma work, and even deter clinicians from using EMDR.  This workshop will help attendees understand when and how to interweave Ego State tactics and principles within the well defined eight phases of EMDR processing.  A key focus will be maintaining the optimal arousal level within the window of tolerance, strengthening positive resources, and working with perpetrator introjects to reduce loyalty to the aggressor. This workshop is for those with a basic understanding of Ego State Therapy as well as basic training in EMDR Therapy.

Attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify which ego state maneuvers are best suited to what EMDR phases.

  2. Identify three tactics to reduce loyalty to the aggressor.

  3. Work directly to orient ego states to person, place and time.

  4. Work with headaches that emerge within and outside of EMDR processing.

About Sandra...

Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D., is an international instructor, author and illustrator of principles and procedures for using EMDR with complex trauma including structural and somatic dissociation and trauma held in implicit memory. She has published widely on the combination of EMDR with ego state therapy, somatic methods and early developmental repair strategies. Her books include coediting The Neurobiology and Treatment of Traumatic Dissociation: Toward an Embodied Self; with Ulrich Lanius and Frank Corrigan. She wrote and illustrated Looking Through the Eyes of Trauma: An Illustrated Guide for EMDR Therapists and Clients, as well as When There Are No Words: EMDR for Very Early Trauma in Implicit Memory. She coauthored and illustrated a childrens book that is also very useful for dissociative adults called All the Colors of Me: My First Book on Dissociation, with Ana Gomez.


Sandra is a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. She developed the first protocol for the use of EMDR with highly dissociative individuals, publishing cautions about EMDR with dissociation, and for first urging the screening of every client for dissociation before administering EMDR. She has trained hundreds of mental health professionals in these special procedures since 1993.  She has numerous online workshops available through the Steve Frankel Group at For additional information see Sandra’s vitae at

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