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This is not necessarily a comprehensive list but I do try and keep it updated so that you can see what is available and/or what might be open for scheduling trainings.  Those marked with asterisk are courses with registration availability through this website.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

2022 Schedule 

Jan 21-23 (Online), Level 2 Clinical Hypnosis Course 
Jan 26th (Online), Mar 2nd Ego State Therapy Foundation Course   
Mar 5th (Online), ASCH Annual Conference 
Mar 25-27 (Online), Level 1 Hypnosis Course
Mar 30th Seattle, ISSTD Annual Conference and Preconference (Level 1 Hypnosis)
April 6-May 25th, (Online) Foundations EST Course 2  
Jun 9-11 Washington D.C., ISSTD Level 2 Hypnosis Course 
July 27th-Aug 31 (Online) Foundations EST Course
October 9-18th, South Africa, World Congress of Ego State Therapy

Current 2021 Schedule

Feb 3rd - Mar 10th:                                *Ego State Therapy Foundations Course

Aug 5-8, Anchorage, AK:                        *Clinical Hypnosis Training (Level 1)

Aug 8, Anchorage, AK:                           *Enhance Your Hypnotic Skills (Advanced)

Sept 1, Online, 6 pm US CTZ                  Australia Webinar (Title TBA)

Sept 10, Online Zoom Mt                       Alaska Regional Community of ISSTD

Sept 14 - Oct 26, Online                         *Ego State Therapy Foundations Course

Oct 15 -17, Washington D.C.                 ISSTD Clinical Hypnosis (Level 1 training) 

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