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Thank You!

Thank you for subscribing. This free recording will guide you into a pleasant self-hypnotic trance for sleep.  It should be used when you are in a comfortable place where you can close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported into a comfortable state for sleep.  


Should you choose not to listen to the 'instructions' below, please read these in lew of the 'audio' instructions below. By using the sleep recording, you agree to the following:  To use for intended purpose only and when in a setting where it is safe to close your eyes and sleep. Do not use while driving or have it playing out loud if someone else is driving. It is not to be used for the replacement of mental/medical help for sleep disorders. Keep in mind there are many things that go into getting a good night's sleep.  This recording will only be available FREE until November, 5th, 2023. 

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