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Advanced Hypnosis Courses

These courses are for those who want to advance their skills and knowledge in clinical applications of clinical hypnosis.  They range from three hours to three days and vary depending on content.  The Foundations of Ego State Therapy is a 20 hour course and is approved for 20 hours of ASCH credit.  The Enhance your hypnotic skills is a 'refresher' on commonly used applications such as ideomotor signaling, the language of hypnosis, and integrating into practice with clinical issues.  It  can be offered in an eight hour day and includes demonstrations.  

The AK 'Enhance Your Skills' course below is being offered through the Alaska Regional Community of the International Society For the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

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Enhance Your Skills

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Specific Topics

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Earn Credit toward Certification or for ASCH Renewal

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