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There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.

---Ali ibn Abi Talib

Many clinicians struggle​ with difficult clients and need consultation at one point or another or perhaps you're working towards certification in clinical hypnosis or ego state therapy.   I am a certified ASCH approved consultant and Trainer through ESTI (Ego-State Therapy International).  I have consultees all around the world.   


Call to schedule individual sessions now or look below for new group opportunities starting:

320-492-1911 or email:


Individual Consultation

Looking for Individual Consultation to enhance your therapeutic skills, build confidence, increase knowledge, and discuss your complex cases or are you looking for psycho-educational guidance for yourself?  These consultation sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and can count towards ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) and/or ESTI (Ego State Therapy International) Certification Consultation Requirements if working towards those requirements.  These sessions are not clinical supervision nor are they therapy.  Email or call Wendy to set these up at time/date convenient for you. 

Hypnosis and EST Consultation Groups

Working towards certification through ASCH or ESTNA or just want to enhance your clinical hypnosis skills?  These two hour group sessions require a minimum of Level 1 Clinical Hypnosis training and each session will count for 2 hours of consultation towards ASCH or ESTNA Certification. A three session commitment is required and the $297 price is for 3 two hour sessions. ($49.50 for each hour which saves $125.50)  These groups won't necessarily focus on just dissociative disorders but those cases are certainly welcome.  These groups will start when there is a minimum of six individuals and a maximus of eight.  Click below to reserve a spot.  You will be notified when the minimum has been reached, when the group will start, as well as how to pay for the group. 

 Dissociative Disorders Consultation Group

Are you working with complex trauma and dissociative disorders?  The challenging dynamics of such cases often leave therapists questioning their skills and struggling with boundaries.  Consultations are recommended whether pursuing further certification or not.  These groups will focus specifically on these cases from an Ego state therapy perspective.  A Foundations course in EST is recommended but not required.  Although this group will focus primarily on complex trauma and/or dissociative disorders, other cases that could benefit from EST applications are welcome.

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