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Sorry but Wendy no longer takes new clients for therapy, she will serve in a consultant role for your therapy and/or provides psychoeducational sessions.

Consultive Counseling & Psychoeducation Sessions

More info. coming./This page is under construction

Therapy Consultant

Are you in therapy already, but have general questions with re: to direction and/or want an expert opinion about something? Or, do you just want some recommendations for further care or have questions about clinical hypnosis, dissociation, and/or Ego State Therapy? This is not a 'therapy' session but for educational purpose only. I don't do crisis consulting, if you are in crisis, contact your therapist and/or call 911 if you are not feeling safe from yourself. 

I will be adding availability here for this service later...if it's not here now, I don't have current availability.

Psychoeducation & Referral

Doing well but just wanting some direction and/or personal guidance for non-clinical concerns? This is not therapy, but for psychoeducation purpose only and life enhancement.  Things such as:




-Balance and Self-care

-Stress Management

If you have a mental-health disorder, Wendy will require that you are seeking mental health care from an appropriate health care provider as it is likely the above are being exacerbated by your mental health. 

Wendy will be adding availability here later, if it's not here now, she does not have any current availability for this type of service. 

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