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Ego State Therapy & Body Wisdom

Join us for Dr. Silvia Zanotta, live online from Switzerland

This is an advanced course and some training in Ego State Therapy is helpful but not necessary.

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Dr. Silvia Zanotta

August 23rd, 9:00-4:30 pm CTZ

Join us on Aug. 23rd from 9 am to 4:30 pm Central Time Zone for Dr. Silvia Zanotta's course on Ego State Therapy & Body Wisdom. This is approved for 6 Advanced Credit hours towards ESTNA certification and a certificate of attendance will be provided to those who attend 'live online'. 


Sessions should be attended 'video on', to get ESTNA credit. It will be recorded and viewing link available for limited time.

APA CE's available for additional $50 fee through Bridgepoint. Must attend all day with video on. No partial credit. Must sign-up and pay for this prior to course (Make sure your licensing board accepts APA): Link to register and pay for CE's

Ego State Therapy & Body Wisdom

There is an ancient wisdom of self-healing inherent in every human organism. If this “inner wisdom,” embodied in body knowledge, is included in therapy, many problems and symptoms can be solved more easily. If Ego-State Therapy is combined with somatic approaches like Somatic Experiencing® or Energy Psychology, based on the neurophysiological processes known from the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges, top-down AND bottom-up corrective experiences become possible. This holistic approach enhances traumahealing and allows the personality to "become whole again". 


This experiential day seminar will focus on somatic strategies to regulate the nervous system, essential in the face of trauma. Participants will learn to utilize bodily expression and to focus on the reactions of the organism and the corresponding ego states, rather than working with the content of trauma. Thus, solutions often emerge more easily and naturally.



Presentation will include case studies and demo will show co- and self-regulation techniques and methods to work with somatic ego states, especially helpful in the treatment of preverbal trauma or attachment issues or with clients who are “too much in their heads”.



Identify and practice co-regulation and self-regulation skills.

Explain the principles and neurobiological processes related to safety, attachment, and danger.

Demonstrate ways to engage with clients' somatic Ego States and how to access body wisdom.

About Dr. Zanotta...

Dr. phil. Silvia Zanotta works as a psychologist and psychotherapist for children, adolescents, adults and families in private practice in Zurich, Switzerland. Before self-employment, she gained experience as a school- and educational psychologist and in child and adolescent psychiatry. She is a certified trainer and supervisor in Ego State Therapy International and Resource Therapy International, supervisor in hypnosis, as well as founder and co-chair of Ego State Therapy Switzerland. Silvia Zanotta has certification in Person-Centered-Therapy (Carl Rogers), Trauma-Therapy (PITT), Clinical Hypnosis (MEG and Ghyps), Ego-State-Therapy (FEST and ESTI) Resource Therapy and Somatic Experiencing® (SE Practitioner), including Energy Psychology in her work. She specializes in the treatment of traumatic stress, anxiety, phobia, OCD, autism and somatic symptoms. Dr. Zanotta, lecturer at the University of Applied Psychology in Zurich, has presented at national and international major conferences in Europe, Canada and South Africa. She teaches in several European countries and has written various articles/publications on trauma and Ego State Therapy. Her book “Wieder ganz werden. Traumaheilung mit Ego-State-Therapie und Körperwissen” was originally published in September 2018 in Germany and had to be reprinted within 3 months, a second edition followed in summer 2019, the 3rd in summer 2022.

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